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Ugh. These people really piss me off. I went over there today to turn in some medical junk to add to my health history file because they threatened to put registration holds on my record if I don't. What they wanted is basically proof that I don't have TB. It's kind of a long story, but basically, my doctor in NoVa did a skin test right before I had to go to orientation, and said it will be fine if they read it here at VT. People at Schiffert said they can't do that because I'm not "officially" a student yet, and unless I want to pay my tuition right then and there, they just can't help me. So they sent me back to NoVa to have them read it, except that it has to be read within 2 or 3 days, and that was like 5 days later. So in NoVa they told me they can't read it either and they'll have to do another one, but it looked kind of like it might have been positive, so Dr. Eller (my idiot doctor) said he'll do a chest X-ray instead (I needed one for my breathing problems anyway). He did that and it came out perfectly normal, so he photocopied the results and wrote that I don't have TB and gave that to me to give to Schiffert gang.

So, today I went to give them that to add to my file, and after it took them like 10 minutes to FIND my file, they said, "Umm, we're not sure what to do about this... so go talk to Nancy (some nurse)." So I waited for Nancy, and then talked to her and she was quite lost, and went to talk to "the physician." (This is after she made me fill out the stupid TB risk assessment form AGAIN). Then they decided to call up Dr. Eller's office, and made me talk them into faxing my medical records here. Apparently, they're going to make me do ANOTHER PPD skin test. I was like... uhh, I don't have TB, there's a X-ray that's perfectly normal... I DON'T HAVE TB! And they calmly tried to explain to me that just because I don't have TB doesn't mean I can't get it... so they're going to do another skin test and if it comes out positive they're going to put me on 9 months of TB medication .......... how about NO! Ugh. She also spent all this time (and she gave me a great little TB booklet too) explaining what TB is and what it does in your body, and blah blah blah like I'm a 5 year old child.

Anyway, I wasted 45 minutes of my time there. Nothing got resolved. I'm not paying for any of this crap because I know my insurance doesn't cover it, nor do I want to deal with it anyway. A chest X-ray is enough evidence that I don't have TB (more so than PPD even), and I refuse to take any god damn drugs. However, they're still putting holds on my record so I can't register for classes next semester until somehow this all gets straightened out. *sigh* I hate them all. I called my mom and whined when I got back to my room, she told me to tell them to go to hell. I think that's a good idea.
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