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Okay so not only is EVERYONE i know sick but I'm begining to get all fucked over too!

Head hurts, slight fever!

All I can say is that I hope it's from doing too much this weekend! Had to take the cold uncomfortable bus home. Just to get to the bus, I had to trudge from AJ to the Library with way too much luggage and to top it all off there was about a foot of freezing cold slush on the ground and even more falling from the sky!

Friday night rocked, even though I was tired I still managed to enjoy myself at the Dropkick Murphys concert! Nothing like Pot, Booze, and ear spliting music to cure your ills!

Well long story short I'm tried, dying, and I've decided that I need to add the Math Emporium to my ever growing list of the "Axis of Evil"!

So now I'm sick, and i absolutely refuse to go to Schiffert....even if I'm dying....they can just let my body rot in aj...I'd be better off anyway!....might even improve the smell of the place, you never know?
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