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"Yes, looks like you have Hurty Jaw Syndrome."

I went to Schiffert today. For those of you who are "unenlightened," Schiffert is the low budget campus health center.

"My jaw hurts," I complained. The doctor looked skeptical. He made me go ahhh twice, made sure my reflexes were working, and poked my face really hard a couple times. "How long?" he asked. "About a week. It's getting worse."

"Well, I don't think it'll get any worse," he said. *blink* "Come back in another week and if it still hurts, we'll do some XRAYs. Would you like another ibuprofen prescription?"

(This is compounded by my visit last week when they referred me to the physical therapist. They offered me ibuprofen then, too.)

"No thanks," said I. "It makes my stomach hurt, and my jaw doesn't hurt that badly. Do you have something else you could prescribe that does the same thing?"

"Yes, but you'll have to go off campus to get it."

"I don't have a car."




I hate Schiffert.

And that's how this community began.
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